I'm in love with capitalism, but I love the prospect of a business connection even more.

As the Chief Operating Officer at Macadamian, one of the hottest healthcare product consultancies in Canada, I develop and integrate sales and marketing strategies to facilitate double-digit growth. Together, our team has created some of the most revolutionary products you have ever seen. As a speaker and mentor, I provide actionable insight to fellow leaders growing their businesses, shedding light on the nuances of product creation, organizational leadership, sales management, product marketing, contract negotiations, public relations, and more.

I believe in transformative coffee. Some of my most valuable business relationships have started over a casual chat at a local shop. To me, every meeting is an opportunity—and a single cup of coffee can have the power to change your business.


I initially went to university for sciences, which lead me to a career in software. It wasn’t long before I realized that my pay would hit a ceiling. You might say that the reason I got into business was the money. I saw the sales guys driving Porsches and Jaguars—and I wanted in. Little did I know that my passions were in unlocking a business' potential, which goes far beyond the sale. 

A big lesson I learned in the early days is that money is a measure of value you create for customers, not an outcome. An MBA later, and a PHD from the school of “hard knocks,” I have created a ton of value with some awesome people.