Podcast: Transitioning from Entrepreneurship to Investment

Stage One Startup: The podcast for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs

Hosted by Greg Nicholls and Bradley Morley

Episode #14: How Dinesh Built, Exited, Led and Invested in Over 13 Companies

Investors know how to problem-solve and ask partners the right questions to discover problems that business owners find difficult to face. Though investing seems enticing, it takes a seasoned entrepreneur to make the leap from growing a business, to buying one.  

Whether it be learning how to build a desirable business, or knowing how to identify one, learning about investment is important for both entrepreneurs and investors. Listen to my podcast interview with Nicholls and Morley to learn the secrets behind the mind of an investor.

In this episode you will learn:

  • If your business passes the simplicity test
  • Designing a life for your perfect work/life balance
  • If you have the qualities to become a successful investor
  • What investors look for in a business

If these topics interest you, listen and learn here.