Podcast: How to Become a Successful Angel Investor

Stage One StartupThe podcast for start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs

Hosted by Greg Nicholls and Bradley Morley

Episode 14: What it takes to become a successful angel investor

Entrepreneurship is about building a vision, investment is about building return. Understanding this distinction allows entrepreneurs to make informed decisions about whether or not investments are lucrative for their business.

As an entrepreneur and an investor, I know there are two sides to every coin. This podcast episode explores the complex topic of investment agreements by objectively stating how investors can either make or break your business. Listen to my podcast with Greg Nicholls and Bradley Morley to gain clarity about future investment decisions.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Where to find sources of funding
  • How to become an investor
  • How to validate investment agreements
  • The value of personal branding

If these topics interest you, listen and learn here