Podcast: How to Prevent Yourself From Accepting Failure

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Hosted by Chad Bostick

Episode 218: How to Get Out of Mom’s House After Your Startup Fails

Life is a rollercoaster with a lot more lows than there are high. The easiest way to respond to failure is to admit defeat and feel sorry for yourself. Just know that accepting failure is counterproductive to achieving goals. You don’t become powerful and strong by picking roses. You need to be forged in fire and it all comes back to motivation.

Motivation is not an endpoint, it’s an attitude. The first step to motivation is adjusting your attitude. In this podcast interview, Chad Bostick and I discuss how to modify your attitude to set yourself up for success.

In this podcast episode you will learn:

  • What separates the hobbyist from the tenacious
  • Why the binary motivated / unmotivated thinking is the incorrect state of mind
  • How to measure your value by the obstacles you’ve overcome
  • Why the right support group is critical to your continued success
  • How to achieve your big hairy audacious goal by forcing yourself to be authentic

If these topics interest you, listen and learn here.