Podcast: How to Effectively Measure Results

As Told By Nomads: Interviews professionals who make a difference in today’s increasingly interconnected and globally-oriented world

Hosted by Tayo Rockson

Episode 209: Dinesh Kandanchatha: An Investor in the Business With You

As an individual who travels for work 200 days of the year, I can proudly call myself a global citizen. I’ve worked with plenty of entrepreneurs around the world and despite the cultural differences the tools to create a successful business remain the same. In this podcast interview, Tayo Rockson and I explore marketing and sales practices that can exponentially increase revenue.

In this podcast episode you will learn:

  • How to generate 12-15x returns on your salespeople
  • Creating businesses that are fundable and finding the right investor
  • Proactive social marketing practices
  • How to leverage technology to improve productivity

If you’re interested in these topics listen and learn here.