Collaborate to Increase Productivity

“Two minds are better than one.”

“Great minds think alike.”

“Divide and conquer.”

Are you seeing a theme there?

Great minds in collaboration surface new ideas, unique perspectives, and provide value from combining expertise. Whether it be developing a new business venture or simply pursuing a new project, it’s lucrative to collaborate. Here are ways to ensure your collaboration efforts will be a success:

Why Someone Can’t Do it All on Their Own

Stress, time, lack of creativity... There’s a number of reasons why we work in teams. Teamwork fosters creativity and innovation. Teams embrace the “divide and conquer” philosophy. Teams help to achieve as much as possible in the least amount of time, thus improving productivity. Individuals who are resistant to teamwork often have trust issues. Whether they are a micro manager, perfectionist or know-it-all, failing to trust colleagues slows down execution.

Finding Complementary Personalities

Everyone has their own values that dictate their worldview. The most successful relationships exist when world views align. The way I see it, there are two world views:

The first is scarcity. These are the people that perceive the world as being limited. They believe there is a limited amount of available resources and opportunities. These people will put themselves before others to succeed.

The other paradigm is abundance. These people have an opposite perception to those who see the world as being scarce. They understand their success doesn’t limit the ability for others to achieve their own. The world is their oyster.

Understanding these paradigms are essential to forming collaborative relationships. It’s unlikely people with opposite world views will work well with each other.   

How to Brainstorm Effectively

When you’re in a relationship that’s built on trust, you’re motivated to create the best possible outcome for the both of you. Effective brainstorming requires trust. Trust that the team will come to the meeting prepared and ready to fill up the whiteboard with new ideas. Trust that they will execute the deliverables assigned following the meeting and that they will accept constructive feedback. Trust creates authenticity where both parties stay true to their words because they have that emotional tie keeping them accountable.

There is no arguing that collaboration increases productivity. However, collaborative efforts will not succeed unless the parties involved have a values match. You can’t throw a group of people in a room and call them a team. A productive team is productive because the trust from their  colleagues internally motivates them to perform.