Podcast: Becoming an Entrepreneur Who Practices What They Speak


Going Deep With Aaron Watson: Exploring what motivates the people who are changing the world

Hosted by Aaron Watson 

Episode 148: Dinesh Kandanchatha, Sales Master talks about Lessons from $200M Acquisition

There are two choices you can make in life, security or freedom. Jobs are a form of short-term security. With jobs you give up the freedom to decide what you do in a given day. When you’re an entrepreneur, you have complete freedom but no security. Security in entrepreneurship comes when you're successful at freedom. Recognize that entrepreneurship is way harder than getting a job, but the rewards are phenomenal. 

I chose the path of entrepreneurship. To this day, I experience challenges, failures and if I’m lucky - outstanding success. In this podcast, Aaron Watson and I go deep to tackle the hardships faced by first-time entrepreneurs.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why all entrepreneurs need sales skills
  • How to practice what you read
  • How to humanize the firing process
  • Leadership tactics that communicate urgency
  • How to transition from an entrepreneur to an angel investor

If these topics interest you, listen and learn here.