5 Productive Things to Do Before 9:00 AM

Think about willpower like a battery. Throughout the day, it loses its charge, then it is recharged again at night. When you wake up you have a full battery, which means your willpower is at its max. Successful individuals leverage this motivation by committing to early morning routines. Although waking up is a challenge, rolling out of bed with intent to be productive contributes to a well-rounded lifestyle. Simply implementing these five things into your early morning routine will make you more successful.

1. Meditate and Focus

Have you ever woke up in the morning anxious about your upcoming to-do list? By concentrating on positive thoughts meditation improves mental health by serving as a stress-reduction medication. Before you even get out of your bed, dedicate 15 minutes to meditation. Meditating activates energy-boosting endorphins, priming you for a busy morning routine without the coffee.

2. Workout

Besides building a happier and healthier you, exercise increases productivity. Beginning your day with a workout gives you more energy throughout the day. It improves your focus, concentration and helps you make better decisions. The best part is that you only need to commit 30-minutes, 3 days a week to have a 15% improvement in your job performance. Exercise is the secret of highly successful and productive people.

3. Eat Breakfast

Starting your day with a well-balanced breakfast gives you the energy needed to be productive. Consciously choose foods that will subside hunger until midday. This will prevent you from satisfying a hunger pain with an unhealthy, midday snack. This is my favourite part of my morning routine because I spend this time eating with my children.

4. Review your Tomorrow List

Highly successful individuals conclude their day by noting their top three priorities on a “Tomorrow List.” Reevaluate your tomorrow list in the morning by prioritizing the tasks from most to least important. The #1 action item on your list is your frog, your responsibility that day is to eat it. Narrow your focus and productively execute tasks in the order of their importance.

5. Check Your Emails

The last thing on your early morning checklist should be checking your emails. Though many sources say the reactive nature of emails distracts you from your priority items, I think differently. By answering emails with a full battery you will confidently make rational decisions. You’ll enter the office with a fresh slate and won’t have emails to bog down your productivity.  Commit 30 minutes to emails, then swear not to revisit your inbox until the next morning.

It takes 30 days to make a new habit. By replacing your habit of hitting the snooze button with this early-morning ritual, in just 30 days you will have mastered the morning habits of the top 10%. By kick-starting your day with intent, you are guaranteed to be happier, healthier and more productive.