Podcast: Structuring a Sales Organization that Drives Growth

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Hosted by M.C Laubscher

Episode 69: Dinesh Kandanchatha: Structuring a Sales Organization that Drives Growth

The nature of sales is that it’s some part science, some part art. Successful sales organizations blend creativity with the process and are consistency refocused based on trial and error. It takes understanding your customers, building an effective team and a whole lot of trust to drive external growth. Most importantly, though, it takes having a CEO who can recognize these needs then implement them into their organization.

As an investor and serial entrepreneur, it’s my job to help entrepreneurs improve their sales organization. In my 20 years experience, I’ve learned what works and what doesn’t and In this podcast interview with M.C. Laubscher I share those strategies.

In this podcast episode you will learn:

  • How to create a social selling machine that delivers results
  • The components of an effective team
  • The right way to incentivize employees
  • Lessons learned from a serial entrepreneur