A Change in Behaviour Can Increase Your Sales Results

It’s not a rare occurrence to hear someone in sales blaming their managers, the company or the economy for their lack of success. Although we don’t like to admit it, our success is on us.

Sales are all about hitting numbers—both financially and with the customers. If you’re not hitting these numbers, my recommendation for you is to first take a look at yourself. If you can pinpoint your problems, you can open yourself up to growth and find solutions to make you a better salesperson.

PROBLEM 1: You Don't Want It Enough

Ask yourself this question: Do you even like sales?

Don’t be ashamed if the answer is no. There are many people who thought a career in sales would be a good fit for them, but changed their mind after working in the field.

If the answer is no, you need find something about the job that will motivate you to do your job well and with passion. Otherwise, you should change your career path because no one should be stuck doing something they hate for 20+ years.

PROBLEM 2: You Aren't Setting Goals

Sales is very much a goal-oriented type of work and there is no way to avoid this. Whether it’s daily, monthly, quarterly or annual targets, having specific goals will allow you to measure your results and will show you where you need to make improvements.

PROBLEM 3: You Have a Bad Attitude

If you don’t enjoy being around negative people, what makes you think people would want to be around you when you’re the same? As a sales person, it’s your job to inspire customers to buy your product and you’re only going to be successful if you are motivated, convincing and have an overall positive attitude.

PROBLEM 4: You Don't Understand Your Customers

Understanding your customers doesn’t end after doing some research on the company. A company is made up of many aspects, and the primary way that you’re communicating with the company is through the people. In order to be an effective sales person, you need to be able to recognize the personality that you’re working with and be able to communicate your sales strategy accordingly.

PROBLEM 5: You Don't Believe in Your Product

You’ll never be able to sell something that you can’t stand behind; it’s as simple as that.