The Basics of Choosing Your Target Audience

Over the years my experience as a small business coach as taught me that most entrepreneurs have difficulty with the same problem: Generating Clients.

My solution, however, is simple and is always the same: Go back to the basics. But what does that mean?

You’re trying to impress too many people by marketing to too many prospects. You’ve rushed to develop your business, but have forgotten to discover and strategize towards a target market.

You’ve skipped an important step, and here's the plan:

Go back to the drawing board. Create a list and focus in on a target market. Be realistic with your budget. It’s better to spend the money marketing thoroughly towards your target audience, opposed to loosely marketing to everyone.

Choose an industry that you'd like to target. Once you’ve found it, do some online research. Discover who, what, where and how you are going to expose your product through marketing.

Look for specific businesses you'd like to work with. This will give you a clear objective of whom you are targeting and by doing this, you’ll find yourself directed to prospects that could find your product useful.

Create a marketing strategy that you can apply to your target audience in the industry that you’ve chosen.

It’s not hard to go back to the basics. It all comes down to narrowing your goals, and taking baby steps, generating one client, at a time.