Finish and Don't Forget


How many projects have you started but never got around to finishing? As an entrepreneur specifically, you are constantly juggling a variety of tasks and whether it be with work or your personal life. Sometimes though, it’s important that you handle one job at a time to ensure that tasks don’t get pushed by the wayside and left incomplete. Following these five steps will ensure that you finish everything you start.

1.  Consciously Decided to Finish. If you say you’re going to complete a task—do it. This all comes down to changing your mentality when it comes to approaching new projects. That means saying no to new objectives if it’s only going to expand your to-do-list.

2. Organize Your Goals. Break down your goals into an achievable day-to-day or even hour-by-hour plan. Stick to it and don’t be fooled by distractions.

3. Start Immediately. You’ve made your plan, now its time to do it. Don’t procrastinate or make excuses to get started. Tackle the plan by taking action.

4. Set Yourself Deadlines. Creating deadlines for yourself is necessary in order to confirm that you will finish your project on time. Absolutely no pushing back deadlines, even if that means working late or skipping a lunch.

5. Always Complete the Task Thoroughly. You’ve finished the task and that’s great. The final and very important step is to complete the task by storing, sharing or saving it where appropriate.