Good Customer Service Doesn’t Always Come First


Having a good sales employee isn’t an easy commodity to come by and many businesses learn this the hard way.  Times of economic decline are often when management notice that their sales team is good at providing customer service and taking orders but not good at sales. Sure, this sales technique works when the economy is up, but unfortunately it isn’t always so.

Selling vs Serving

If you want to sell, you have to work and dig deep with your customer. Have a firm knowledge about their business. An effective salesperson can convince a customer that what they’re offering is a solution to a problem that they didn’t even know they had.

Serving, on the other hand, is when you sit back and take orders based on what the customers want. I’m sorry to break it to you, but if this is your idea of selling, then there is no need for a sales person. The customers can easily get what they want off of the web.

Finding the Right Sales-Person

A great salesman doesn’t get afraid. They’ll be confident creating leads, handling cold calls and meeting face-to-face with the customer.  You can measure how well your sales team is by simply asking them to describe, in detail, what they would do in each of these circumstances.

Understand Your Responsibility

Often management can be the cause towards creating a customer service focused sales team. Why? Because they are investing too much in trying to create leads for everyone. What this does is create a sales team that becomes focused on capturing easy sales by making everything a customer service moment.

Just like a sports player who stops training, a salesperson who isn’t routinely prospecting and developing, will lose their edge. This is why salespeople need direction and assigned goals. Management needs to direct other employees who aren’t part of the sales team to be responsible for customer service. After all, salespeople should focus first on selling.