Maximizing Profits From Your Sales Team

Imagine this: The quarterly sales report is due just around the corner and your team's numbers are down. As the sales manager you’re worried that you won’t be able to identify and resolve the problems needed to help your team reach their sales goals. What do you do? Recognize following problems and learn what you can do to fix them.

ISSUE 1: Your sales team doesn’t have enough training

What you need to do: Train them! Provide training on products, practice scenarios, offer sales skill-building workshops - no help is too much.

ISSUE 2: There is a lack of sales coaching

What you need to do: Understand that practice makes perfect and give your team the one-on-one sales coaching they need to perfect skills and increase performance.

ISSUE 3: You don’t have a sales process

What you need to do: Create a sales process! Give your employees a standardized method of how to effectively open, lock and close a sale.

ISSUE 4:  You don’t have visibility into the sales pipeline

What you need to do: Utilize your analytic team to track key metrics so you are fully aware of every opportunity in your sales pipeline.

ISSUE 5:  Your sales forecasts are incorrect

What you need to do: Stop guessing! Let your analytics team give you accurate forecasts to avoid missing sales goals.

ISSUE 6:  Your sales team doesn’t know their goals

What you need to do: Make sure your sales reps know exactly what goals they are required to meet for every month, quarter and year. Try implementing a sales leader board to push your team to reach competitive goals.

ISSUE 7:  They also don’t know their compensation

What you need to do: Just like sales quotas, make sure your sales team is fully aware of how their compensation plan works in order to make them sell hard.

ISSUE 8:  Your sales team doesn’t know how to handle objections

What you need to do: Create a playback of common objections and train your sales team to expect people to resist the price, timing or other objective in the sale. Train them to be able to use alternative methods that will counteract these objections.

ISSUE 9:  You’re working towards a dead end

What you need to do: You need to make sure that your leads have the qualifications to make deals with your business. You’re wasting time chasing prospects that have no purchasing power.

ISSUE 10:  Your team has poor time management

What you need to do: Be sure that your team is logging into the CRM and tracking all sales calls and progress. If you notice a rep is falling behind on activity, offer them additional coaching.

ISSUE 11: You don’t align with your marketing team

What you need to do: Make sure both the sales and marketing team have similar goals, as it is vital for sales success.

ISSUE 12:  You’re devaluing your product

What you need to do: Stop cutting prices! If you have a good sales team, you shouldn’t have to decrease the price of your product to achieve sales. However, in order for your sales team to believe in the price, they need to know why it is that price. It’s your job to explain the value of your product to the sales team.