4 Guarentee Needs of B2B Buyers

The needs of B2B buyers are always shifting and to tell you the truth, they have no intent to warn you of these changes. If you do a little research you’ll learn that customers’ values all fit into the four following categories and as sales professional, it’s your job to to stay on top of your prospects' needs so that you can align your product or service accordingly.

Service Quality: How can you help a client improve their performance?

The company wants evidence that your company’s level of service quality is capable of providing strong operations and results. Buyers want to know how accountable you are for providing functional, on-time service.

Program Management: How can you help a client with the overall supervision of their services?

The company wants you, as a program management provider to proactively recommend innovative ideas to improve their overall total performance and bottom line. They expect you to have the experience to deliver a course of action that manages risk, time, cost and quality.

Financial Performance: How can you help a client improve their total effectiveness and financial results?

Financial performance encompasses an overall financial model that provides competitive pricing, helps the client achieve competitive operating costs and improves the client’s profits. Buyers expect you to decrease their operating expenses or scale their scope of services to meet their specific requirements.

Account Support: How can you support the buyer after they’ve purchased your product or services?

The company expects you to have identified and address their articulate needs as well as hidden, subtle or emerging needs. They want a team who can proactively offer recommendations that address the heart of the issue the prospect is facing and offer partner-level support.

There you have it, four buyer requirements you can look for to discover the unique needs of your prospects.