5 Ways to Build Trust in Sales

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Trust. Without trust, you’ll never become a seller who meets their quotas and wins repeat business and referrals. Earning trusted advisor status involves more than just “wanting it.” You have to genuinely want to solve your client’s problems, more than you want your commission cheque.

I’ve come up with 5 ways you can earn trust with buyers in a selling process:

1. Be Willing to Learn. The two complaints buyers always have with sellers is they they don’t listen or they don’t understand their business. 

I didn’t get where I am today being a “know it all.” I went into each sales process understanding that I was working with a new client, with new problems. Calling the shots gives the prospect the impression that you think you’re in charge - when they know you’re not.

2. Understand Your Buyer’s Problems. As a seller it’s your job to uncover your customer’s trouble areas and understand the impact those issues are having on the business. 

Remember, deals are a result of effective discovery. To demonstrate your value and earn trust, ask questions that’ll prompt buyers to verbalize their troubles so that you can identify how you’ll help.

3. Help Your Buyer See the Bigger Impact. Earn trust by showing the buyer how what you’re providing is going to satisfy each of their critical problems. A trick is to speak of your solution in terms of large business issues. That way you’ll be delegated you to deal with decision-makers who have the income to fund your solution.

4. Be Flexible. No matter who you’re talking with or where the conversation leads, always be ready to articulate the value of your solution in terms of positive business outcomes. Flexible sellers earn trust because they know how to speak according to what’s relevant to their prospects, always providing base solutions to the buyer's needs.

5. Show Credibility with Testimonials. Strengthen your message by providing tangible points of reference on how your solution produces promising results. Customer testimonials are effective proof points that speak to the priorities and perspective of your customer.

The words sales and trust go hand and hand when you’re searching for sales success. It doesn’t seem so difficult to achieve but it is unless you truly care about your customer’s wants and needs.