Are You a Good Boss?

Good Boss.jpg

As a boss, you have to understand you are managing two things—your employees and their productivity. Although the employees and their productivity go hand-in-hand, it’s important to remember that your employees are people, not just working machines.

So what makes a good boss?

Honesty. A good boss can tell employees where they need improvement, even if it may hurt their feelings. At the end of the day, you will be forgiven, and your honesty will allow them to improve and grow.

Hard-work. A good boss is always up for a challenge. They lead their team into difficult tasks, and are right there alongside them, praising their achievements and taking responsibility for failures.

Transparency. Constantly changing your target goal will cause your employees to lose motivation and gain frustration. A good boss creates a concrete goal and then consistently measures success at the end of the time period. It’s important that you guarantee your employees are meeting their objectives.

Able to Manage All Angles. A good boss provides employees what they need to do their jobs. That means keeping upper management off their backs and removing all necessary barriers. Make sure your peers are heard, stakeholders are met, and that you are consistently selling your organization’s capabilities to fight for project, headcount and other resources.

Kindness. A good boss isn’t afraid to joke around with their employees and they always give them the respect they deserve. Like I said earlier, we’re all just people.