Entrepreneurs: Channeling Passion to Sales

One thing I’ve noticed working as an investor is all of my entrepreneur friends strive to achieve the success enjoyed by the top ten percent of sales professionals. For entrepreneurs, reaching these high expectations can be integral for the success of their business. That’s why founders need to think of themselves as salespeople. 

Sales Skills are #1

Let’s be honest – no business will survive unless the owner is thinking a lot about sales. “Loving what they do” and “thriving off of risks” aren’t factors that will keep their business afloat. What will however, is creating solutions for how to sell more of their product, in less time.

Fortunately for most entrepreneurs, they are already hard-working self-starters that aren’t afraid to conquer a challenge that will move them closer towards achieving their goals.

Passion Drives Sales Success

Another inspiring quality of entrepreneurs, is that they put their passion into everything they do. I believe that entrepreneurs need to take that passion and channel it to learning the art of sales, whether that be through reading the right books or participating in sales seminars.

Having sales skills will allow entrepreneurs understand why customers in a market behave as they do, which customers need to be targeted and how to confidently sell their product or service in a way that meets their needs.

Sales Advice for New Start-ups

Nobody will be able to sell the benefits of a company better than than those who have invested in it and are passionate about the product or service the business provides. That’s why I advise entrepreneurs to make the initial sales calls when building a new business.

Once they’ve had success landing new customers and have made those initial sales through the correct selling tips and business strategies, they can think about outsourcing that task to sales staff. Doing so will help them understand the process behind sales and how to create a sales strategy catered for their business.