Mentorship: Help That Lasts

Many entrepreneurs start off their business on a high, with those initial sales making them feel like they’re on top of the world. However once their business comes stand still and their employee’s start asking questions, they suddenly realize that they don’t have all of the answers.

If this situation sounds familiar, face it, you need help. Good thing for you there are people that can give you exactly that and in business lingo, we call those guys ‘mentors.’ Mentors are those who have done what you're trying to accomplish and will steer you in the direction towards achieving your dreams. Mentors keep you focused, hold you accountable and give you the nudge and support you need to make success a lot more effortless.

Here are some things I suggest you look for when choosing a mentor:

They've experience failure and success. Failure is a way for entrepreneurs to get insight into the raw process of building a business. Success, that’s obvious - you want help from someone who has proven results.

They have experience in your industry. Simply said, find an accomplished person in the area that you want to grow.  

Your values align. Having the same values and worldview will ensure that your mentor will be able to connect with the vision of your company.

You like their coaching methods. Each mentor will have a different style and approach to coaching. Sit with at least three candidates and phone each of their references before making a decision.

They're well connected. Successful mentors in a complimentary business of yours often have established relationships within a network of potential partnerships.  The best mentor’s take pride in their client’s business and often will link them to those connections.

So swallow your pride and have some confidence that there is someone out there with the knowledge, experience and expertise that can advise you towards the course of action needed to excel your business. All you just need to find them.