5 Prospecting Myths Worth Noting

If you’re in sales, you should already know about prospecting — it’s purpose, the methods, and benefits. Of course, the term is relatively easy to grasp but you’d be surprised at how many people believe the following myths towards sales prospecting.

MYTH 1: Prospecting is sales

Small business owners and sales reps always tend to classify prospecting as sales when truly, it isn’t. Here is the distinction: prospecting is discarding all the unqualified leads to retain the “gold,” while selling begins after those qualified leads have been discovered.

MYTH 2: Prospecting is a numbers game

Prospecting isn’t about getting a huge list of cold contacts, it’s about getting a list of quality contacts that would have an inclination to purchase your product or service. Quality over quantity, always.

MYTH 3: Scripts are for kids

Even if you have experience prospecting, it’s never a bad idea to use a script. Scripting provides a framework for a successful prospecting campaign that is personalized to the individual you are speaking with.

MYTH 4: Prospecting is a time commitment

It only takes several minutes to determine if the lead wants your benefits and can afford your company’s product or service. With prospecting, it’s organization that matters. Tracking your success and persistence with those who are qualified is what will bring you to sales.

MYTH 5: Close them on the appointment

I have sad news for you, scheduling an appointment doesn’t mean you got the sale. Often prospects will schedule appointments rather than saying that they aren’t interested. My suggestion is to send interested prospects information packages. This allows you to build interest and turn the lead from warm to hot.