Prospect Fast, Efficiently and to Many Using Social Media

When you think about social media, you think about the various channels that are available. For me, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn first come to mind. You also think about the mass amount of content that millions of users using these channels have made available to you at the click of a button. If you need an answer, someone has the solution.

With so many channels and even more users, finding relevant prospects using social networking sites may seem like a daunting task. Sure, you could make a company social media account with hopes that the prospects will come to you but in the greater scheme of things, you are only another user that can provide a “solution” in a saturated sea of content.

Saying that, don’t lose hope! With much practice, I’ve learnt how to discover leads on various social media sites and I’m going to share some of these tips with you.


Prospecting through Twitter all comes down to using the search function. Simply search industry specific words and Twitter users who may be interested in what you’re offering will appear. Once you’ve narrowed it down, send the users a message that either offers them relevant content or offering yourself as a resource for information on those key words.


If you haven’t yet heard about Facebook Graph Search you’ll be surprised at what this technology can do. Graph Search gives you search results based on very specific long-tail search queries, through pulling from Facebook users’ profiles.

For example, if you search “sales consultancy firms in Toronto,” relevant pages, people in your network talking about these terms and other useful information from Facebook’s Events, Apps, Places and Groups will appear. All you have to do is follow up on the search!


The best place for finding leads and prospects on LinkedIn is through one of its top-ten features, Groups. Groups are the best way to insert yourself into relevant conversations where people are interested in the content that you have to provide. Through LinkedIn groups you have ability to prospect many or choose where you believe you can make the most meaningful connections.

Although there are many other social media channels that can be used to discover prospects, I recommend beginning with these three. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are widely used by business professionals and there are many tools available that will help organize your content and track your success. My friend Uberflip is a great example of such a tool.