Six Tricks to Happy Employees

Before blaming the market on your businesses stand still, have you checked that your business has been productive internally? Even more specifically, are your employees performance measures up to par?

High levels of employee engagement in an organization are linked to superior business performance, which is why it’s so important that you keep your employees motivated and their morale high. After all, low morale can lead to poor cooperation, low productivity and increased turnover  - factors all needed to reach business goals. So here are some tactics that you can adapt to your business to make sure there is a more positive workplace:

1. Provide meaning to their work. Everyone wants their work to feel like it has a higher purpose which is why it’s important that their work that has made an impact is recognized - even if that simply means featuring their name on an internal newsletter.

2. Empower them to do better. Allowing employees to set their own goals while giving them the flexibility to pursue projects of interest will empower them to use their creativity and innovativeness to benefit the company.

3. Show you care. Recognize every single employee’s birthday. Send gifts for babies and weddings. Be involved in your employee’s lives to make them feel valued as human beings.

4. Make the workplace comfortable. If your office environment allows it, bring some fun into it! Throw up artwork up on your wall, create spaces with comfortable chairs where employees can lounge during their break and most importantly, make sure that your give employee’s access to ergonomic equipment.

5. Offer Incentives. Anything from working half-days, offering parking spaces or free lunches will stimulate employees to perform better while at the same time feeling appreciated by the organization.

6. Give Them Room to Grow. If an employee recognizes that the business offers upward mobility, whether that be through promotion, increased responsibility or access to new resources, they’ll work harder to achieve their professional goals.

Although these tips may seem obvious, managers often overlook these simple solutions. Implementing these tips will increase employee’s happiness and in turn, increase the performance outputs that lead to the success of your business.

You know what they say, “Happy people, Happy Workplace”