When Passion Can Be Damaging to Sales

Passion. It's a critical sales habit yet also a salesperson's worst enemy. The truth of the matter is that sometimes too much excitement can sabotage the sale. It’s great to be passionate about what you do and are trying to sell but make sure you avoid the following;

Avoid: Asking for the sale too soon

Of course it’s important to have the confidence to “make the ask” but the best way to make a successful sale is to treat it as a process. With business-to-business sales where you are selling a more costly service or solution, it’s especially important that you build a relationship so that the customers don’t feel like you’re just reaching into their pockets.

Avoid: Assuming too much

Never go into a conversation thinking that the customer is ready to buy from you. A customer should always feel like you are listening to their needs before you’re counting their money.

Avoid: Overlooking your product’s limitations

It’s great to stand behind and be passionate about what you’re selling but it’s important that you recognize your product’s faults. If you’re realistic with what your product can offer, you’ll retain credibility with your customers.

Avoid: Promising more than you can offer

Don’t let the excitement of a sale cause you to make exaggerated promises. Nothing is worse than