Sparking the Fire in Your Unmotivated Sales Team

How do businesses make money? One answer: sales. Sales determine the success of a business, which is why it is pivotal that your sales team is constantly bringing money through the door. But what if they’re not? You can’t just fire them right off the bat. What do you do? These are my tricks (in order) to get members of my sales team to start performing.

#1 Split Commission on Other Accounts     

If you noticed a member of your sales team has gotten lazy and is riding on one big account to meet their quotas, get another one of your sales guys involved with the account and split the commission 50/50 between the originator and the new account holder. Originators should focus on new customers. Taking away a percentage of their largest source of income will force them to work harder to sign on new accounts.

#2 Increase Compensation

If you want a way to motivate your employees, this is it. Sales Reps work harder for the chance to earn a reward more than they would after receiving it. Pay employees the incentive portion of their compensation immediately after they reach their goals - quarterly incentive payments are the most motivating. 

#3 Reduce Base Salary

This definitely isn’t going to be your most popular decision, especially from those ‘lazier’ Sales Reps, but in combination with your new comps plan, it’ll be sure the motivate your employees. Not only will this make the employee want to sell more on the accounts that they already have, it will force them to pursue new accounts and move them through the pipeline.

#4 Hire a Sales Consultant  

A little bit of self-promotion here, but I can not emphasize enough the value you can get from hiring a Sales Consultant. Speaking on behalf of all of us, Sales Consultants work with your Sales Reps to improve their performance by asking them the right questions needed to help them overcome their sales barriers.

There are many ways to get that lazy sales person’s ass back in gear. Don’t feel guilty about doing what you have to do, sales = success and if you don’t reach those quotas, your company’s success is on the line.