Beating Client Meeting Rejection

So your contact doesn’t want to meet with you, what a surprise.

The last conversation business associates want to go through is a potential sales pitch. On the reverse side, you’re frustrated at the constant rejection and are becoming increasingly worried that you won’t make your sales goals because of it.  Whether it be those clients are flat out saying no or if they’re just not responding, you need to come up with creative ways to lock down those meetings. So let’s play a game: they say, you say.

They say: “I’m too busy”

You say: “I know you’re really busy which is why I want to meet at a time that best suits your schedule. What if we go for a coffee or a drink after work to discuss how you’re doing or how you’re struggling? You’re a long-time customer and I want to build a relationship with you”

Fact: “I’m too busy” actually means I don’t know what value you’re going to provide me. People don’t want to be pushed to buy more.


They say: “I’m not interested”

You say: “We’ve done business for X amount of years and I think it’s time we strengthen our relationship. My goal of this conversation isn’t to sell you something, it’s to open up the lines of communication so when you need me, we can have that conversation”

Fact: You don’t always need to talk products. Sometimes, just showing that you’re available to help when needed is the best way of strengthening the trust of your client.


They say: “We’re already using the product. why should I spend more time talking with you?”

You say: “I recently purchased a Groupon for an 18-hole round of golf. I get that you don’t have the day to talk business but will you at least spend a morning getting to know each other better?”

Fact: This is where most people run a blank. This is where I get creative with meeting tactics. If you use this strategy be sure to give your client plenty of notice. If they agree, follow-up with a calendar invite and build up the meeting so that they’ll feel guilty if they cancel.  

The truth of the matter is that we’re in the relationship business and this is what you need to do to get those meetings with your clients. Get creative, have fun with it.