Concise Meetings 101

We all have that one person on our team that loves hearing themselves speak. In a day-to-day situation that’s fine, sometimes it’s nice not doing all the talking. During meetings on the other hand, the last thing you need is one of your sales staff going on 5-minute tangents every time they're asked to report.

You can never get a salesperson to NOT tell a story. We all suffer from it because it’s the nature of the beast -- the beast being us salespeople. The key thing is finding balance. If someone wants to give a 30 second blurb, that’s fine. A  3-5 minute story though, needs to get cut off. In the most polite but effect way you have to say sorry to interrupt you, but get to the point already.

“In order to be respectful of everyone else’s time, let’s try to keep our reports under 5 minutes and only say what you want the team to take away”

Starting your meeting with this statement is a nice way of nicely telling them to hurry up and be concise. It’s also code for: don’t talk too much.