How to Effectively Schedule Distant Meetings

Scheduling meetings with current and future clients is definitely one of the more challenging aspects of being a salesperson. When you have to schedule meetings that are far, say, a flight away, it becomes even more of a challenge. So here is my tip on how to be smart about distant meetings.

1. Organize Accounts By Geographic Location

Take a look at those accounts. Are any due for a renewal? Have you taken a chance to physically introduce yourself and what you’re offering? If you find that you have to meet with 5 accounts within the same geographic area, you’re good to move forward.

2. Book your Flight

We all know if you say that you’ll book flight once the meeting is set, nothing is going to happen. So, without having arranged those meetings, book your flight for time when you can get the best rate. I usually pick a date 6-8 weeks in advance to give myself enough time to schedule meetings my clients.

3. Book your Appointments

Don’t ask your clients for meeting dates and times. Now that your flight is booked, you’ve put pressure on yourself and everybody to work around that specific date. Plan your schedule strategically, booking appointments in a way that’ll maximum your time. I personally like to lock down my meetings 2-weeks prior to my arrival.

4. Commit

Think about the human psyche. Once you’ve spent the $800 on the flight you’re not going to cancel it because there are costs associated with that. Everytime you look at your calendar tell yourself that you’re not going to waste $800 sitting in a hotel room. Make a good push to get the most out of what you spent on travel.

So go book your flight - it’s a great extrinsic motivator to get you booking those distant meetings.