What you Need to Know About Recruiting a Sales Leader

This is what a sales leader can do for your business:

  • Set goals and drive outcomes
  • Provide accountability for the sales team
  • Provide a culture, skill set and they have the toolkit needed to drive sales processes

If any of these things seem important to you -- which they all should, you should really think about hiring a sales leader.

Sales leaders are a dime a dozen. Why? Because not everyone is cut out to be a leader. You might even find a leader, but not the right leader for your organization. So needless to say, a common problem most businesses encounter is finding that perfect sales leader that can manage your sales team.  Saying that, here is some tips for when you’re looking for that special person.

First, the Truth About Your Current Sales Team  

From my experience managing sales teams I’ve learned this: your first sales leader is rarely your last sales leader. Your first sales leader has a two year life. A 5M dollar company, has a complete different sales model from a 15M dollar company and it’s often hard to find sales leaders than can transition their leadership style from one model to another.

Build Your Sales Team While You Wait

In a perfect world you’d build your sales team around your sales leader. Unfortunately though, things can’t always go as planned. Like I said earlier it takes time to find that perfect sales leader, so don’t wait to start building your sales team. If the initial sales engagement is successful with your new salespeople -- that’s great. You’re building a sales runway while you find that perfect person.

Recruit, Recruit, Recruit

There are two ways to thinking about recruitment. The first is to go out into the community and ask who has delivered before. If you get names, your problem is solved. Now it’s your job to recruit them. The second, is to find 20 companies who just past the stage of business that you’re at. Contact the sales leaders whose company just reached the next price bracket and ask them if they’re interested in doing the same thing again.

Consider Outsourcing an Employee

If you just can’t find a sales leader locally, you can always outsource an employee from another city to lead your sales team virtually. This option comes with the challenges of your sales team having no direct supervision and it is also expensive.

There’s a difference between a salespeople that build the business from those who know how to operate the business. You want a someone that knows visibility. Get out there and start asking sales leaders if they want a change. Offer them the comps package and ask if they want to take on a leadership role. The ones that bite are the ones you want, these are the one’s that scaling businesses.