4 Ways Email Marketing can Improve Relationships

Email Newsletters are a highly beneficial content marketing tool for sourcing inbound leads. They’re the perfect tool to distribute informative content and maintain relationships. These content ideas will be sure to help you strengthen your existing corporate relations.

Product Spotlight

Most suppliers won’t turn down the opportunity to have their products featured as a spotlight on one of your customer’s newsletter. Doing so gives them free advertisement and additional pipeline and sales while at the same time helps you promote your company’s offerings. They’ll be sure to thank-you for the free marketing.

Customer Case Study

Creating a case study showcasing how your customer made use of your product is a mutually beneficial promotional tool. Not only does this get your customer’s name out there, it shows your followers the benefits your product or services brings to the market.

Customer Spotlight

Featuring a customer improves your one-to-one relationship because it makes your customer happy that they’re being showcased. A spotlight can consist of a 200-word testimonial of your customer reviewing your product.

Educational Articles

Use your newsletter as a secondary tool to provide insight to directly to your mailing list. By providing useful, instead of self-serving content, shows that you can be a credible expert for industry knowledge. This will keep your contacts reading.

The best part about using your newsletters as a relationship building tool is that it will simultaneously help generate a tonne of leads and inbound requests. At a very little cost, you can promote yourself, partners and contacts consistently and creatively.