Entrepreneur Success Story: Bob Vaez, EventMobi

Bob Vaez, President, EventMobi

Bob Vaez, President, EventMobi

This story begins with a job interview and nope, not my own job interview.

It was one of a former colleague who positively referenced my name during her interview with EventMobi, a world leader in event application technology. Thanks to her referral my name and experience was conveyed to Bob, the CEO of EventMobi who just so happen to need help growing his company. 

When I first met Bob, he was in crisis mode. He was struggling to get people to deliver on a monthly basis and had no clue that his leadership and sales strategies weren’t aligned with where the business needed to go. EventMobi’s sales culture was too opportunistic when it needed to be deliberately designed. That’s where I came in. 

As a first-time entrepreneur who had spearheaded every business decision, Bob was initially reluctant to take my advice. It took me saying “If I’m not fired in 6-months, I have failed” to show him that I meant business. He needed to know that my consultancy background derived from my personal entrepreneurial experiences, he needed to know I was someone who understood his perspective. 

Once trust was established, we got to work. Together, Bob and I restructured the sales team. We got people focused on specific accounts and markets and rolled out an enterprise sales program. After we corrected the foundational issue I helped Bob hire a sales leader, someone who could take my place and the create long-term strategies needed to take the business to the next level. 

In a short-four month's Bob and I managed to transform the business. Now, EventMobi’s cutting-edge events technology is aligned with a sales strategy that’ll promote wider adoption of their product. Now Bob, a man who's used to rolling up his sleeves and grinding to get the job done can focus on the tasks that are important while entrusting that our sales processes and his new sales leader will grow the business.