Entrepreneur Success Story: Nick Friese, Digiday

Nick Friese, CEO, Digiday

Nick Friese, CEO, Digiday

When I first met with Nick and got talking about Digiday I knew immediately that we’d work well together. He was an entrepreneur whose values and principles aligned with my own and he wanted nothing more than to build his business -- a business I knew had potential far beyond what Nick could foresee.

The company was always phenomenal. Today, Digiday is known for producing top-quality events and products for the advertising and marketing tech space but when I first came around, it lacked the infrastructure needed to penetrate sales into the market. Nick needed someone to get their cost structure in line to retain the cash needed to market and advance the business. That’s where I came along.

Together Nick and I rebuilt the team, people, tools and processes needed to align the company for a double and triple digit growth. I taught Nick the tricks of managing different people and how to guide his sales team through positive reinforcement, leading them to sell for passion instead of an incentive. It wasn’t long before our strategy paid off and by focusing on their product and customers Digiday made and continues to have significant annual growth.

Although I believe I’m a part of this success it’s Digiday’s people who drive their continuous growth. Nick is the man who doesn’t have the phrase “I can’t” in his vocabulary. His courage and determination are what fuels the company and I’ve learned from Nick that there is no limit to your ambition when it comes to what you love.

When I joined, Digiday’s sales were small and transactional. Now, they’re making upwards of half a million and larger deals. Digiday needed me to give them the confidence needed to realize their full potential and look at them now - industry leaders in Marketing and Advertising technology events and publications.