How to Perfect Prospecting and Achieve More Sales

Within your sales organization, your Tier 1 SDR’s are responsible for converting leads into qualified prospects. To ensure outbound sales strategies are consistent with the consumer’s wants and needs, sales managers need to standardize their organization's prospecting process to match consumer buying habits. With these actions sales managers will align their sales reps with the Tier 1 consumer buyer process:


There are two ways to create awareness. Drive inbound leads to investigated your website or generates outbound leads who would be interested in your organization.

Action: Require sales reps to identify the title of the ultimate decision makers and determine how many people have this title in the organization.


This is the offer you’re going to present to the decision-maker. It’s an offer that’s going to make them recognize your product or service as a valuable option.

Action: Provide sales reps a landing page or a 1-page internal case study with a problem, solution and testimonial that supports your business’s expertise.


At this stage, the customer seeks to verify if your organization is the best option by investigating your competitors and how your other customers are doing.

Action: Provide account managers a 1-2 pager that presents competitors, customer samples and financial combinations which they can use to assist with due diligence.

By creating an organization chart that standardizes the first 3 stages of the consumers buying process, sales managers can lessen their load by providing tools for sales reps to manage themselves. If successful, the customer will move forward to Tier 2 of the selling process which involves ensuring trust, activating the proposal then referring your organization based on feedback.