Podcast: The ABC's of Social Selling

Think Bold, Be Bold: Unique & Raw insight on what it takes to succeed

Hosted by Christopher Cumby and Allen Wich

Episode #74: The ABC's of Social Selling

Successful entrepreneurs have more than a good idea. They have a special skillset needed to navigate business climates in a world where the rate of change is rapidly increasing. Though experience and professional development set entrepreneurs on the road to success, it’s their principles investors look for prior to striking a deal.

Discover how to build a multimillion dollar company from someone who’s done it. Listen to my podcast interview with Christopher and Allen on Think Bold, Be Bold to learn about the secretive mind of an angel investor.

You will learn:

  • Where business trends are heading
  • The qualities of successful entrepreneurs
  • How to make time, when you have no time
  • How to create an ambitious mindset

If these topics interest you, listen and learn here