Podcast: How to Sell Anything

No Philter: Conversations with fascinating people 

Hosted by Phil Pallen

Episode 29: How to Sell Anything With Dinesh Kandanchatha

The nature of work has changed. The reputation of work has changed. We’re used to being told that we’re a measure of our degrees and work experience. Frankly, that’s important, but only as an input, not an output. The output is your brand, the trust, and reputation you can create in society.

Personal branding is critical if you’re in the business of selling your services. I can thank brand expert, Phil Pallen for making my brand come to life. In this podcast interview, Phil Pallen and I discuss the relationship between branding and sales.

In this podcast you will learn:

  • The benefits of a virtual workspace
  • How my personal brand changed by career
  • The trick to effective social selling
  • How to avoid the classic mistake of entrepreneurs

If you’re interested in these topics listen and learn here.