Podcast: How to Triumph Over Change

Push Pull Sales & Marketing: Interviewing business experts to reveal techniques on how to get your business noticed

Hosted by Shari Medini

Episode 36: Interview With Dinesh K - Founder, Mentor, Speaker Entrepreneur

The only thing that’s constant is change. Change is going to happen whether you’re adaptable to it or not. The output to change is whether or not you’re going to have a successful business. Expect it to be hard.  

Entrepreneurs often forget what worked yesterday is not guaranteed to work tomorrow. Teaching entrepreneurs to expect change helps to be more adaptable to change when it comes.  In this podcast interview, Shari and I discuss the harsh realities I learned managing multiple businesses. 

In this podcast you will learn:

  • How I predict the success of a business
  • The hardest lesson I learned as a marketer
  • What prevents people from getting things done
  • How to overcome your fear of failure

If you’re interested in these topics listen and learn here.