Podcast: How Investors Successfully Collect Cash

The Top: The #1 Business Podcast

Hosted by Nathan Latka

Episode 518: See 20 deals, invest in 2 between $75k-150k pre-seed, likes b2b saas for investments

I’m an investor and I often joke that I’m a better business person than I am an investor. It’s very hard to be a successful investor. If you want to be a successful institutional investor you have to understand the two models and which one you’re going to follow. There is a portfolio model where you invest in a lot of things and you play with the averages. You mostly see this with large funds. The other model is to lean in and be very involved in two or three businesses. That’s what I do.

In this podcast episode, I share how I have made a successful career for myself by combining the professions of consultancy, entrepreneurship and investing. Nathan asks challenging questions that reveal the brunt truth behind the ups and downs of my career.  

In this episode you will learn:

  • Revenue streams for investors
  • How to overcome defeat
  • How I practice perserverance 
  • How to scale businesses as an investor to get 10x return