Finding Your Passion Place


North American, 2017: the land of opportunity. If you’re ambitious enough to relentlessly pursue your passion, that is.

In an economy where the average person spends 60% of their waking hours working, it’s incredibly important to love what you do. Yet, so many people associate work with stress, allowing their negativity to cloud the possibility for workplace happiness.

But this post isn’t meant to be negative. It’s meant to serve as a guideline on how to monitor your environment to find your passion place. So let the journey begin:

1. Design Your Dream Destination

Grab a pen and paper and let your imagination run wild. This is a purification exercise. It’s your opportunity to flush out your regrets and design an ideal work environment for yourself. When I started my career as an entrepreneur, I was working 100 hours per week in the office, spending no time with my family. My dream destination was combining both worlds: being a successful entrepreneur from the comfort of my own home. For others it could be moving to LA, getting a promotion, or even quitting your day job to start a cupcake business. Dedicate 30, undistracted minutes to this exercise. Conclude by identifying a BHAG for your passion place.

2. Identify Roadblocks

I’m entrepreneur, I love big dreamers. Dreaming small and setting low expectations for yourself only limits your upside. Instead of interpreting this exercise as scaling back your dreams, think of it as refining your goals to match your priorities. If your goal is quitting your day job to open up a cupcake shop, but you’re drowning in student loans, your priority is paying off your debt. Quitting your job isn’t feasible - right now. Identify and state why each roadblock limits you from reaching your passion place.

3.  Grab a Map And Plan Your Route

You can’t go from hating your work environment to loving it overnight. Finding your passion place is a journey. Set yourself up for success by mapping out the stops needed to push past roadblocks. Let’s go back to the cupcake example. Quitting your job is out of the question, your passion is baking, and your roadblock is no clients. The key is starting small. So, your first stop is picking up friends as clients. Prepare samples and a cost breakdown, then reach out to your local network. Offer your baking services for family events, work parties, or even birthdays. If your product is good, word spreads fast.  

4. Continue to Add Fuel

You can only gun on the gas for so long until you need to stop for fuel. Imagine these pit stops as your opportunity to recharge. This means coming up with a new idea that will take you that much closer to the finish line. Scheduling periodic brainstorming sessions are rewarding because they allow you to assess your progress, and revive your interest in finding your passion place. Once the cupcake baker has exhausted business from their peers and strengthened their local network, the next step would be creating a small business Facebook page and beginning to develop their brand.

You can find passion place within or outside of work. Finding your passion place is really about discovering what internally motivates you. The first step is turning the keys to ignite the possibility that your passion place is not that far away.