Podcast: Why First-Time Entrepreneurs Are Growth Hacking Failures

Misfit Entrepreneur: Insight from the entrepreneurs who have made it big being misfits

Hosted by Dave M. Lukas

Episode 29: Secrets of a Serial Investor with Dinesh K

I always tell entrepreneurs to run their business like they’re never going to sell it but to build their business to be sold. The formula for this growth model is simple: execute, evaluate and then refocus accordingly. Yet, entrepreneurs who get stuck in the daily grind forget to fulfill the textbook criteria for a successful business: developing and maintaining a strong value proposition. Losing sight of what translates your business into value for a customer makes you appear as just another fish in a large ocean, and frankly, you won’t stand a chance against the sharks. 

As a serial entrepreneur, I’ve had my failures and successes. Now, I’m making a living using these experiences to help first-entrepreneurs avoid common mistakes. So listen up while Dave and I share the steps required to get the sharks to help you and your business, instead of eating you alive.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why you're the cause of your organizational meltdown  
  • The ABCs of a winning evaluation strategy
  • When to be practical, and when to grow
  • Why easy money can hurt your business