Podcast: Combatting Age Limitations As An Entrepreneur


Maturepreneurial: helping older individuals step out of the 9-5 working world to start their own entrepreneurial journey

Hosted by Elaine Benoit

Episode 17: Dinesh Kandanchatha | Entrepreneur Consultant

Thanks to capitalism, anyone can start a business. Sadly, many great ideas aren’t seen through to fruition. Instead, they linger in the minds of individuals who claimed to have missed their calling or are too afraid of the risks that come with being an entrepreneur. In this podcast episode, Elaine and I discuss that challenges to come for those who decide to take the leap of faith, as well as how to tackle them.

In this podcast episode, you will learn:

  • Why you should think like a 20-year-old
  • Factors first-time entrepreneurs regrettably overlook
  • The importance of 5-year goals
  • How to make money quicker
  • My favourite personal growth tactics