9 Steps to Mapping a Life Plan that Inspires You

9 Steps to Mapping a Life Plan that Inspires You

I believe that living a meaningful, rewarding life you love doesn’t just happen. True fulfillment comes from honest communication, meticulous planning, and personal growth. Below are nine steps to create a life that truly inspires you:

1. Clarity is Key

If you’re not clear on exactly what kind of life you’d like to create, it’s nearly impossible to succeed. It might seem strange to ask yourself this question, but understanding what drives you is essential in order to design a life you will be proud to live.

For example, this might mean realizing that you’re not good at being the person who comes up with the idea. You might actually be better suited to stand behind that person to provide support, expertise, and build the network necessary to ensure that the idea reaches its full potential.

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2. Find Balance

Remember that you are not defined by your work. This can be especially difficult for founding entrepreneurs, but it is so important to maintain a separate identity. Keeping this distance will allow you to remain humble during the good times and unwavering during the bad.

3. Commitment

You create the world you want by being the kind of person you want to be. There’s always the grind, but you must commit to communicating with the people in your circle of influence, set expectations, and follow through if you want to design a life you will be proud to live.

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4. Candid Communication

Many entrepreneurs make the mistake of thinking that entrepreneurship is an individual exercise, but it’s actually a team sport. The people you surround yourself with – especially your family members – are your most important asset. They’re taking this journey right along with you, so it’s important to make sure they have a voice in decisions that can potentially impact their lives as well.

5. Set Expectations

Professional and financial success don’t tell the whole story of becoming an entrepreneur. Beauty, passion and art and science are all part of the process, and setting clear expectations makes it much easier to create a life that inspires you.  

6. Expand Your Consciousness

Since your business grows at the rate you grow, personal growth is critical for entrepreneurs. The more you improve yourself, the more you have to offer others – from your friends and family members to your business partners and employees.

Listen to a TED talk or podcast you wouldn’t normally choose to expand your creative boundaries and force yourself to grow.

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7. Create Value

Often, one of the biggest challenges founders and entrepreneurs face is continuing to persist when everyone else is saying, “It won’t work” or “It can’t work.”

Keep track of the number of times you “can’t” do something for a week and then focus on changing just one of them to “CAN.” The ability to change “can’t” to “CAN,” even on a small task, is the foundation of value creation. And this is what entrepreneurs do – create value.

8. Find Your Niche

There is incredible value in time spent thinking about what it is that you should spend your life doing. When you find something that integrates well with who you are and how you see the world, it doesn’t feel like work.

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9. Become the Leader of Your Life

Above all, entrepreneurship is about being the leader of your own life. Do the work with integrity and authenticity and listen to the creative spark within you. When you see the potential of your ideas being realized, it’s invaluable.

Keep these nine steps close and check in with yourself regularly (and honestly!). Are you creating value? Are you making time to expand your consciousness? Are you proud of who you are and the life you’re creating? If the answer is no, you know what to do.